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  • House Call on Annapolis, Wednesday, February 22, 2023

    Baltimore County Medical Association House Call on Annapolis Join Us for Lobby Day! Wednesday, February 22, 2023 Advocate for Physicians and Patients in Annapolis. Join us to meet with your district’s legislators the morning of February 22, 2023. Physicians are needed to discuss: Prior Authorization and Step Therapy, Scope of Practice, Network Adequacy, Medicaid Parity and other… Read More

  • BCMA Joins MedChi, 30 organizations asking for additional protections

    Letter to Governor Hogan The BCMA joined MedChi, as they took the lead asking groups to sign on to a letter requesting additional immunity protections for Health care facilities, health carriers, health care professionals, and physicians.

  • Incoming President’s Speech

    BCMA’s Presidential Inauguration Speech – Francisco A. Ward, D.O.      I want to welcome everyone including my wife Nadia, children Javier, Maxi and Luis, while giving a call out to my eldest daughter Leila and her also expecting younger sister Sofia.   A special thanks to her adopted husband Thomas… Read More

  • Outgoing President’s Speech

    BCMA President’s Farewell Speech – Charles s. Samorodin, M.D.                    I would like to welcome everyone to our annual banquet.  Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to serve as your president for this past year.  It has been interesting… Read More

  • Spring 2018 Newsletter

    Newsletter Spring 2018

  • Incoming President’s Speech

    BCMA’s Presidential Inauguration Speech -Charles S. Samorodin, M.D. I want to welcome everyone including my wife, children, grandchildren and their significant others, as well as Gene Ransom, CEO of MedChi.  It is an honor to be standing here now and I feel a debt of gratitude to all prior and… Read More

  • Outgoing President’s Speech

     BCMA President’s Farewell Speech -Bernita C Taylor, M.D. Good evening Colleagues, friends and special guests. We’ve come to the close of another year at the Baltimore County Medical Association. As we prepare to welcome incoming BCMA president, Dr. Charles Samorodin, I would like to take this opportunity to review a… Read More

  • President’s Message

    -Bernita C. Taylor, M.D. The Opioid Crisis… It’s the lead story on TV news, talk shows and blogs. It has generated countless newspaper articles. We’ve read about the tragedy of addiction and the escalating number of opioid related deaths. The crisis has led to increased vigilance among prescribers to do… Read More

  • Incoming Presidents’ Speech

    The BCMA President’s Incoming Speech -Bernita C. Taylor, M.D. Good evening colleagues, family and friends. Last year I was seeing patients  as usual at  my  Catonsville medical  office, when a women asked me why I  become a physician, and why family  medicine? I’ve been asked this question many times over… Read More

  • President’s Message

    -Loralie D. Ma, M.D. Medical Malpractice in Maryland: State of the Art New Threats While the medical malpractice front in Maryland has been a bit under the radar lately, it would be imprudent of us, as physicians, not to realize the very real threats facing us. While the actual number… Read More

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