Board of Governors

2018-2019 Slate of Officers

Board Chair – Bernita C. Taylor, M.D.
President- Charles S.  Samorodin, M.D.
President Elect – Francisco A.  Ward, D.O.
Vice President -Wanda J. Wicks, M.D.
Treasurer – Kenneth A. Carle, M.D.


  • Kenneth A. Carle, M.D.
  • Neri M. Cohen, M.D.
  • Theodore C. Houk, M.D.
  • Loralie D. Ma, M.D.
  • J. Michael Niehoff, M.D.
  • Ambadas Pathak, M.D.
  • Gary W. Pushkin, M.D.
  • Carol Ritter, M.D.
  •  David I. Safferman, M.D.
  • Charles S. Samorodin, M.D.
  • Richard T. Scholz, M.D.
  • Bernita C. Taylor, M.D.
  • Francisco A. Ward, D.O.
  • Wanda J. Wicks, M.D.
  • Zia A. Zakai, M.D.

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