Board of Governors

2023-2024 Slate of Officers


Board Chair–           James M. Williams, D.O.
President–                Amit Bhargava, M.D.

Delegates To The MedChi House:


Amit Bhargava, M.D.

Loralie D. Ma, M.D.

J. Michael Niehoff, M.D.

David I. Safferman, M.D.

Charles S. Samorodin, M.D.

Bernita C. Taylor, M.D.

Francisco A. Ward, D.O.

Wanda J. Wicks, M.D.

James M. Williams, D.O.


Alternate Delegates

Thomas E. Allen, M.D.

Afifa Adiba, M.D.

Jill I. Allbritton, M.D.

Deondra Asike, MD

Brian Block, M.D.

Kenneth A. Carle, M.D.

Theodore C. Houk, M.D.

Kate Jacobson, M.D.

Casey McRoy, M.D.

Gary Pushkin, M.D.

Amar Setty, M.D.

H. Russell Wright, Jr., M.D.

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