Charles S. Samorodin, M.D.


Charles Samorodin, M.D, will serve as the 122nd president of the Baltimore County Medical Association. Coincidentally, he attended School 49, an accelerated Junior High School which was once next door to MedChi and is now part of the MedChi Building.  He was the Valedictorian of Forest Park High School in February 1962.  He finished his undergrad education at the University of Maryland and entered the University of Maryland Medical School at 19 years old.

Upon completion of his medicine residency at University Hospital of Baltimore in 1970, he volunteered for service in Vietnam. He served in the Army with an infantry unit and was awarded two Bronze Stars.  After his service, he completed his Dermatology residency at the University of Maryland in 1975, and stayed on as attending volunteer faculty.

He remains an Associate Professor of Medicine in Dermatology at the University. He retired with the rank of Colonel after 21 years of service with the United States Army Reserves in 1990.  He was in private solo dermatology practice from 1975-2013.

Dr. Samorodin has served as an officer of the Baltimore County Medical Association for the past five years. He has been a member of MedChi and the Baltimore County Medical Association for 40 years, and is currently Chair of the MedChi Payer Relations Committee and the Chair of the CMS Contractor Advisory Committee. Dr. Samorodin is an avid collector of stamps, coins, and classic cars. He and his wife, Lucy, live in Ruxton, but love traveling and are frequently globetrotting around the world seeking out interesting places they haven’t visited.

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