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2024 Alert – Stop Medicaid Cuts 

Medicaid budget cuts will decrease patient access to healthcare! Email your Baltimore County legislators to ask them to reverse the cuts. Ask them to restore Medicaid E&M payment rates in Maryland. In recent years, Medicaid E&M payments have been in parity or higher than Medicare E&M payments. Lower payments will affect patient access. Use MedChi’s grassroots messaging link below.

Problem and Solution

  • The current Fiscal Year 2025 Budget proposal cuts Medicaid E&M payments.
  • Medicaid enrollment has expanded to over 1.8 million Marylanders.
  • We must maintain payments at the current level in order to recruit and retain physicians who accept Medicaid.
  • Without enough participating physicians, these vulnerable patients will not have access to the essential care they need.

HERE’S WHAT YOU CAN DO: Send a message to your state legislators.


Past Legislative Agendas

Below is our Legislative and Regulatory Agenda for Maryland’s Physicians, Patients, Public and Community Health. Please click on the links below to download and print the PDF version and for archives of legislation.

2023 Legislative Agenda

2022 Legislative Agenda

2021Legislative Agenda

2020 Legislative Agenda

2019 Legislative Agenda 

2018 Legislative Agenda 

2017 Legislative Agenda 

2016 Legislative Agenda 





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